Frequently Asked Questions about Los Gatos Sprinkler Systems

electronic sprinkler systemQ: Can I install a sprinkler system by myself?

A: Amateur sprinkler system installations are not good ideas for several reasons. It takes years of experience to develop a sense of how much water, thrown at which distance, will be optimal for each zone and type of plant to prevent drought or over watering, and mistakes can cost much more than an amateur installation can ever save. Our Los Gatos California sprinkler repair experts are trained and experienced at performing the calculations necessary to design appropriate sprinkler systems and ensuring that all zones in your yard get proper coverage. Our sprinkler system technicians are also familiar with the municipal irrigation inspection codes in Los Gatos.

Q: Why should I upgrade from a manual to an electronic sprinkler system?

A: Upgrading to an electronic sprinkler system can save you money and improve the health of your lawn and plants. An automatic sprinkler system will run only when you program it to, and it will turn itself off automatically. You will never again come outside and realize that your lawn is soaked because you forgot to turn off your sprinkler. You can also install electronic sprinkler systems that use sensors to detect the amount of water that each sprinkler system zone requires based on the temperature and other factors.

Q: How can rain sensors improve my sprinkler system?

A: Systems without rain sensors provide the same amount of water all of the time without taking into account how much water your land has already soaked up from rain. Rain sensors can work with irrigation timers to reduce your system's unnecessary water usage by providing your grass, plants and trees with the perfect amounts of water. You will have healthier plants and lower water bills if you let our Los Gatos sprinkler repair technicians install rain sensors in your sprinkler system.


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